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3. Rotavapor® Systems. The rotary evaporator system R-100 meets the essential needs in laboratory evaporation. It is bundled with the. Vacuum Pump V-100 regulated by the Interface I-100 and can optionally include the Recirculating Chiller F-100 or F-105. All accessories and tubes are included for out of the box usage.

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KNF rotary evaporators are designed with distinct handling advantages, clever functional details, and robust safety features. Request a ... A long time global leader in manufacturing laboratory pumps and systems, KNF has combined its long-standing strengths of engineering and product ... RC 900 Quick Reference Guide.

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Turn on heat bath and set to 40C (113F). Once heat bath, chiller and cold trap have reached desired temperatures, turn on rotovap motor and set speed to approximately 100 RPM (does not have to be precise). Keep in mind, higher RPM's will increase evaporation power but also increase heat load. Start vacuum pump and...

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2L electric lift rotary evaporator complete turnkey setup that includes vacuum pump chiller cold trap and tubing. ... A cold trap should always be used inline between your vacuum system and application to protect the pump from volatile vapors. Rotovap Flow Chart ... This guide gives basic quick start instructions for rotovaps.

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A mechanical or motorized mechanism to quickly lift the evaporation flask from the heating bath. The vacuum system used with rotary evaporators can be as simple as a water aspirator with a trap immersed in a cold bath (for non-toxic solvents), or as complex as a regulated mechanical vacuum pump with refrigerated trap.

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Rotary Evaporator. The evaporation of solvents is a routine process in many labs meaning a reliable and efficient rotary evaporator (sometimes known as rotovap or rotavap) is essential. Innovative design and quality construction, along with a full complement of pumps and chillers make our rotary evaporator the unit of...

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Plenty EYELA product line-up from pre-analysis to production(50 different evaporators). ... known for EYELA line of Rotary Evaporators, Circulating Chillers, Vacuum pump, Incubators, Ovens, Baths, Synthesis, Lyophilizer & Spray Dryers, and more. ... Also, ISO9001 was certified faster among laboratory suppliers in 1994.

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I didn't have a rotary evaporator so I just attached a bain-marie to a cold-trap/chiller and a refrigeration vacuum pump (see photo). fci-ghettovap. This setup was awful. .... A quick push of this button will raise the system pressure, clearing the condenser and allowing you to start afresh. The speed of distillation is important...

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System accessories. Magnetic valves. 14. Choke valve, filter, pressure regulating valve, vacuum pump. 15. Vacuum pump, chillers. 16. RV 10 FLEX System. 17 .... in delivery. RV 10 control. The RV 10 control is the flagship of the new rotary evaporator series by IKA®. It offers all the functions of the RV 10 digital. But the IKA®.