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Diffusion pumps use a high speed jet of vapor to direct gas molecules in the pump throat down into the bottom of the pump and out the exhaust. Invented in 1915 by Wolfgang Gaede using mercury vapor, and improved by Irving Langmuir and W. Crawford, they were the first type of high vacuum pumps operating in the...

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The pumping action of diffusion pumps and fluid entrainment pumps is generally based on the transporting capacity of the vapor jet.

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In a diffusion pump, after boiling, the fluid is cooled, air molecules release & gravity draws vapors to bottom of the pump. ... They were not always made from a single component or the oil would break down into lighter fractions during use. The lighter fractions would want to exit via the top nozzle where the likelihood was...

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Oil Diffusion Pump. 12 000 l x s. -1. Oils, Baffles, Accessories,. Adsorption Traps. 174.01.02. Excerpt from the Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Full Line Catalog. Product Section C11. Edition 2019. Page 2. C11. Contents. General. Operating Principle of Fluid Entrainment Vacuum Pumps . ..... made to flow through the baffle first.

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Oil Diffusion Pumps. DIJ Series. Most innovative design for best performance and efficiency. BICOM13810.20249-174.13.02. mzs. Printed in Germany on chlorine-free bleached paper. Technical alterations reserved. 174.13.02 n. 8 d...

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Basics and applications of cryopumps. C. Day. Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institute of Technical Physics, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen,. Germany ... cryopump is by its physical principle a high-vacuum pump. ... prevent oil backstreaming from diffusion pumps was reported in the 1910s by Gaede and Langmuir.